The mission of Allure Entertainment Group is to build a constituency of diverse professional members who come to the Allure for events, activities and seminars that foster and nurture commercial, social, and intellectual exchange.

Allure Entertainment Group is the shared vision of two dedicated and talented entrepreneurs who sought to establish a commercially viable and socially relevant organization catering to the niche market of the urban professional. Allure Entertainment Group’s founding concept is the belief that distinctive and top-quality networking strategies could help both foster and nurture the social, business and intellectual exchanges necessary for increased opportunities for each participating member.


Oftentimes, in the fast-paced world of business, meaningful social interaction and extra curricular enrichment are precious commodities rarely found in the networking arena. Allure Entertainment Group easily stands out from the crowd due to a three tier approach comprised of high caliber events, highly effective promotional and marketing strategies, and a top quality management team comprised of experienced professionals. This winning combination has earned the Allure Entertainment Group a reputation as an industry leader in the networking arena and has laid the groundwork for increased offerings and greater expansion.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia Allure Entertainment Group is well positioned to take advantage of the diverse commercial and business opportunities offered by the surrounding Southeast Region. Further, Allure’s strong, well established relationships with carefully selected corporations and professional organizations have allowed it to capture and retain its relevance and leadership position within the urban professional demographic.





Garrett AKA Gee is the founder and visionary of Allure. Formally the CEO & Director of Affairs. His personality and marketing genius allows Allure to build events that become the premiere destination for the cosmopolitan elite. Gee is intrigued by the arts and uses his Northern upbringing to influence culture through the vehicle of entertainment.




Zack a DC Native is the heartbeat of Allure. He is the key marketer for all Allure Affairs mobilizing clients and affiliates. Zach’s outgoing personality and natural likability makes him a key asset for the Allure Team. He currently takes on the role as Director of Marketing.

Interact |  Socialize  | Promote




Zak is the Co-Founder and Vice President of Allure. He currently handles the Entertainment aspects of the company. From managing artist, booking acts, promoting concerts or merely being a consultant, the Florida born executive is Allure’s go to guy. Zak currently resides in Los Angles, CA where he is managing talented artist Marcus Moody.




New Zealand bred, American raised,  this graphic artist is responsible for visualizing, developing and maintaing the vision of Allure and its supporters.  ”When dealing with clients, it’s important to engage, interact and maintain their brand & identity at all times.”

Create  |  Develop  | Design



Allure Entertainment Group has its finger on the pulse of the Cosmopolitan elite. We know how to reach the upwardly mobile, business savvy professional so coveted by leading advertisers. Our team of marketing gurus will help your organization customize a package that will speak relevantly to this demographic. We can help you reach this consumer base with an exciting, of the moment message that will open up your products and services to a new, affluent consumer. We offer every scale of marketing and advertising services that will help you reach our demographic.


Events hosted by the Affairs & Promotions sector of Allure Entertainment Group have become the primary destination for the young cosmopolitan and business elite.  We cater to the savvy business professional and the forward charging entrepreneur by highlighting, celebrating, and enabling the successful minded at every stage of their achievements. We offer relevant and compelling events that shine a spotlight on the many facets that further their accomplishments. We do so by bringing exceptional events, trendy locations and networking services that become their essential tools for success. We understand that being in the know is the critical distinction between dreaming of success and actually achieving it.  If you strive for success – one achievement at a time – then we are the organization that speaks your language.


From Flyer layouts to Hi-Tech Website Designs, Allure Ent. is your One-Stop-Design-Shop.  We offer many services that will provide you with superior graphic designs and unique branding services that will create timeless brands for your business.  Our goal is to create a brand that without a doubt will set you apart from the competition. Excellence through Passion is our teams driving force, whether you have your own ideas or looking for fresh ones with a new perspective, we are ready to work with you.


Allure Entertainment offers an array of services to help you gain a competitive advantage in our dynamic industry. Given our extensive experience in artist promotion, management, and contract consultation we are able to offer artists below market value while assisting you in planning your next event every step of the way. As we’re in the business of relationships those in which we have built, nurtured, and maintained over time now present us with an opportunity to extract equity from those relationships and pass along to you. Profit margins for promoters are now lower than ever and we want to help you regain leverage. Let’s work together to make your next event a lucrative one.





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